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Election Results
Election Results are available after the close of polls on Election Night.
Election Results can be viewed on our website or in person at the County Elections Building, 4440-A Calle Real, Santa Barbara.
Schedule for Releasing of Results
All times are an approximate, actual times may vary.
Election Night
8:05 p.m.Mailed Ballots that have been tabulated.
9:00 p.m.First polling place results are posted.
After 9:00 p.m.Results are updated throughout the night as ballots are received from the polling places.
When CompleteSemi-Official Summary and Statement of Votes Cast are posted.
Update Counts
Monday, September 20th by 5:00 p.m. (Tentative)
Upon certification of the Election
Election Night Results
Election Results Summary (Mail in Ballots Only)
Election Night Results Summary (Cumulative Results)
The final report on election night is listed under Semi-Official Results as Semi-Official Election Results Summary.
Semi-Official Results
Zero Report Results Summary (registration figures may be adjusted)
Semi-Official Election Results Summary
Semi-Official Statement of Votes Cast
Post-Election Update
Certified Results
Notice of Certification of Election
Certified Election Results Summary
Certified Statement of Votes Cast by Precinct
Certified Statement of Votes by Precinct (XLSX)
Certified Statement of Votes Cast by District
Official Canvass of Write-In Candidates
Notice of Qualified Write-In Candidates
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